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Do we believe in the same things, you and me?
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Do we believe in the same things, you and me?

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I've been following a handful interiors blogs for many years now, which all are great and written by truly passionate people, who I admire. But I still feel something's missing.

In 2016 my partner and I went through the transition from being "a couple" to now being "a family". Apart from all the obvious changes having a child bring, I also noticed a change in how I thought about our home and I found it hard to find blogs to look at for inspiration and advice on how to create a family home that resonated with my own beliefs. And with an aesthetic that I could relate to.   


Home of Christina Thaisen, founder of NABOshop
Christina Thaisen, Founder of NABOshop


So, that's what led me to do this. To start a home interiors blog for design loving family people.


Because, I believe every family deserves a home that is inspirational, considered and functional, where things have a purpose and made to be used and where things stand the test of time.

And I know this is achievable if you take the right choices.


Home of Christina Thaisen, Founder of NABOshop
Home of Christina Thaisen, Founder of NABOshop


I will cover a broad spectrum of topics such as choosing the right materials and buying furniture that last for years, taking conscious choices, how to use colours in your home, all in all how to create a family home with room for everyone - without looking chaotic or dull. 

And the aesthetics you can expect? Well, all this is rooted in the Scandinavian way of living life as a family - even the aesthetics. 


Christina Thaisen - Scandinavian Home Interiors

Home of Christina Thaisen, Founder of NABOshop


So, let's cut this in stone

- I believe in things that are made to be used. We don't want pretty just for pretty's sake. Scratches and marks are all part of the family history. I believe in buying furniture of good quality that stand the test of time.

- I believe in mixing older and newer pieces of furniture because it's what add personality and warmth to a home. It's not only about the look and feel but also about evoking emotions that only come through age and belonging. 

- I believe in supporting new designers and makers. Or buying from the old masters. Let's stay away from replica furniture which only make it harder for new talents to find room to shine. And that's a shame.

- I believe good craftsmanship is key to creating a family home with room for kids to be kids and grown ups to feel calm and happy. We often sacrifice good craftsmanship for cheaper and easier options that really aren't worth it in the end. Let's put a stop to that.

- I believe in thinking sustainability into your home. Know who you're buying from. Invest in natural materials and live with things that grow old with charm. It creates a better indoor environment for everyone and it's an earth friendly thing to do. 


Founder of NABOshop Christina Thaisen

Home of Christina Thaisen, Founder of NABOshop 


To sum up I believe a family home can be inspirational, considered and functional for both parents and children at the same time.

Does these things resonate with your thought about decorating? I'd love to know in the comments below. You can also find me on Instagram or send me a message via the contact link in the footer. 


If you're curious about the services I offer and how I can help you, you're more than welcome to get in touch or you can read more about Furniture Consultancy & Sourcing here and Home Interiors Styling here.


All the best,




Psst. Wondering how this blog is different from NABOblog and NABOshop? 

NABOshop is still the place to shop the best Scandinavian homewares and designs from independent designers as well as finding unique vintage pieces - and I'll write about it all on NABOblog.

The new personal blog is a more holistic view on decorating a family home. So keep an eye on both blogs - luckily, they're in the same place.