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6 Scandinavian artists you need to know. Art photography by Pale Grain available in NABO shop
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Guide | 6 Scandinavian Artists You Need to Know

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Scandinavia is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and its close connection to light and nature. Themes that recur in furniture as well as art. Even though it’s all part of the DNA a line of new artists bring something new by exploring and experimenting with materials, form and textures. I’ve gathered a list of 6 artists from the Scandinavia that you need to know whether you’re into art prints, ceramics, lithography or photography.


OK. Let’s zoom in.


1. Kristina Krogh

First lady on the list is Kristina Krogh, who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kristina’s work is rooted in an interested in geometrics, aesthetic lines, clean patterns and distinctly different textures, and she works with contrasts: light and dark, colours, materials and textures composed in geometric and clean compositions.

Artwork from Kristina Krogh’s studio is printed to the highest standard and sequentially numbered to a fixed run of 200 or 400 per artwork, signed and numbered. 


Kristina Krogh Artwork NABO Shop
Ellipse (Beige-Copper) art print by Kristina Krogh available at NABO shop



2. Berit Mogensen Lopez

Berit Mogensen Lopez is another great Danish artist. Berit is educated textile designer from the Danish School of Design. Since 2001 she has mainly worked with designing clothing and prints to the fashion industry.

The last couple of years she has spent more time on product development within furniture textiles, which has resulted in her own line of handcrafted rugs, based on the geometric collages she has developed at the same time with focus on colours and graphic compositions.

Berit Mogensen Lopez Art Print NABO Shop  

Fit In art print by Berit Mogensen Lopez available at NABO shop


3. Pale Grain

Pale Grain is a Sweden based independent design studio led by Mert Shabaz focussing on art direction and producing limited-edition prints and photographs. Mert works with macro and micro-scaled sceneries and post-production processing; an investigation of nordic landscapes and nature. His use of colours, light and motives is not only beautiful, it also adds a new layer to the nordic look and feel. 


Pale Grain Art Photography NABO Shop
The Path art photography print by Pale Grain. Available at NABO shop


4. Kaja Skytte

The Danish architect Kaja Skytte works in the field of interior design with a special focus on materials and the interaction with space. She works in a variety of materials and has developed such diverse products as plant planets, brass wall structures, stone sculptures, mobiles and furniture.

In 2015, Kaja founded her own company, where she, among other things, produces and sells her plant planets – a freely suspended decorative houseplant, inspired by an old Japanese method.

Kaja Skytte lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she has her own studio in Vesterbro.


Kaja Skytte NABO Shop Mobile Galaxy Globe

  Galaxzy Globe, hanging mobile by Kaja Skytte at NABO shop


5. Nynne Rosenvinge

Nynne Rosenvinge is an artist and designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She’s focussing on designing interior products, illustrations and paintings. Her art is characterised by being contemporary, minimalistic, and often non-figurative. By integrating elements from her paintings into her illustrations and vice versa she has created her own unique and personal expression.

Nynne Rosenvinge’s artworks are often colourful and lively, however she also produces artwork made with watercolour that has a moodier look and feel. 


Nynne Rosenvinge Artwork NABO Shop
Watercolour art print by Nynne Rosenvinge


6. Tina Marie

Tina Marie is a Danish potter and maker. She creates home objects with focus on silhouettes and surfaces. The decorative element comes from the materials and techniques Tina Marie uses: poetic colour combinations, vivid surfaces and glazes play the most important role and every material, colour and glaze is carefully developed to underline each other.

Everything is made by hand and Tina Marie takes pride in keeping the production in Denmark, so that the Danish ceramics tradition can continue and grow.

 Tina Marie Ceramics NABO Shop

 Tina Marie CPH Ceramics


If you’re interested in seeing more from each artist you can do so by visiting NABO shop 

I hope you’ve found some inspiration on this list. If you have any questions about the artists or anything related you’re more than welcome to drop a comment below or send me an email at hello@naboshop.com

x Christina