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How to find the perfect frame for your artwork. UBAC Galerie Maeght poster. Uh la la ceramics and wheat grass
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Guide | How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Artwork

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Lid Jar by Uh La La available in the shop


There are a ton of picture frames out there and it can be difficult to work your head around what to choose for your artwork. Framing is an art in itself and choosing the right frame can enhance the appearance of the artwork. So what to go for? 

This post is written to help you find a frame that would work with your artwork - not against it. Just consider these basic things and you’ll make the process of finding a frame easier and your artwork look even better. 

What feeling do you want it to convey?

One of the basic things to consider is what you want the piece (artwork and frame) to convey. Do you want a modern feel to it or do you prefer a more traditional look? Do you want the piece to blend in with the other things in your home or do you want it to stand out? A mat white wooden frame on a white wall makes the piece seem like it’s floating whereas a black frame would make a contrast to the white wall.

It’s about finding out what you're after. 

 Art prints by Hein Studio available in the shop. Photo credit: Hein Studio



What sort of frames do you like?

Frames come in many materials and sizes. Finding the right size is straightforward, however, finding the right material is a bit trickier. Below is a list of the most relevant frames when framing an art print or poster.

Let's divide them into two groups:


Metallic frames







Wooden frames



Black painted 

White painted

They all come with either sharp or round edges and wide or narrow. Find the version you like the best and ask yourself if the frame you like best fit the artwork and if it conveys the right feeling? 

Hazy Pink by Anne Nowak | How to find the right frame for your artwork 

Hazy Pink by Anne Nowak available in the shop


Could a coloured frame be an option?

If you want something a little more eye catching you can go for a coloured frame. The trick here is to take a look at the artwork and find a colour that's dominant in the artwork. But keep the frame narrow. Can you imaging how amazing the picture above would look in a pink frame? 

There are some people who like to make rules about how broad a frame should be, but I'm not here to make rules. On the contrary you should go for what you like and remember there are no hard rules when it comes to picture framing. 


Finding the right frame isn't as difficult as it may seem. You'll have to consider the things set out above but keep in mind there really are no hard rules you must follow. Simply find out what you like and go for that. 

What do you go for when framing an artwork? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


Make sure you check out our comprehensive guide to picture framing. You can find it by clicking here. 


x Christina