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Ideas | 10 Gift Ideas With a Little Something for Everyone

Ideas | 10 Gift Ideas With a Little Something for Everyone

Some people are just easier to find gifts for than others; therefore a gathering of 10 gifts that work for everyone to make life a little easier for you. Whether you're searching for a gift for your mom, your partner, your cousin, your friend or your neighbour there's a good chance you'll find it here. The reason? Because it's timeless pieces of good quality, which means they can be kept for years. Links to all gifts on the list are to be found in the description under each item.



1. The Butterfly Chair 


The Butterfly Chair is a classic chair perfect for lounging. It's great in the living room, but also works well in the bedroom or kids' room. You can find The Butterfly Chair here or read all about it here





2. Art print by Berit Mogensen Lopez


A Scandinavian art print will add colour and personality to any room and decor. Colours are strong but subtle and are neither too feminine or masculine. You can find it here.




3. Wall Light by FRAMA

A very minimalistic and strong lighting design from Danish design studio FRAMA. It works as a light and a shelving system. Perfect for a bedside table and lamp all-in-one. You can find it here.


4. Fit In art print by Berit Mogensen Lopez

An art print with mid-century modern tones but still a very contemporary look. For any age. You can find it here. 


5. Notebooks by NOTEM studio


Notebooks by NOTEM studio is a beautiful way to keep track of thoughts, ideas, to dos or a as a simple notebook for drawings. Who doesn't like good looking stationary? You can find them here.




6. Waffle Towel and Blanket by The Organic Company


Two ways to use this: either as a big towel that dies up easily and makes it perfect for a weekend away or as a beautiful blanket. You can find it in different colours here.






7. Flat Bags by The Organic Company


Keep belongings in place with these flat bags made of organic cotton. They fit perfectly into a briefcase or rucksack. You can find them here. 







8. Watercolour art print by Nynne Rosenvinge


A favourite for children as well as grown ups. Simple and elegant watercolour art print that comes in different colours. You can find them here. 



9. Care Bag by The Organic Company


Weekend and traveling. Who doesn't want to travel organically.

You can find the care bag here. 





10. Art Photography by Pale Grain

A bit of nature by Swedish artist Pale Grain. Makes adults dream and children wonder. You can find it here.



Hopefully this gift guide gave you some ideas what to buy for your loved ones. If you still need a bit more inspiration you can read about 6 Scandinavian Artists You Need to Know and Why Art Should Be Your Starting Point. 


Did you find anything you'd like to give to someone? I'd love to hear in the comments below or feel free to send me an email on

x Christina