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8 brilliant ways to hang art. Art print by Kristina Krogh
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Ideas | 8 Brilliant Ways to Display Wall Art

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Art prints by Kristina Krogh available in the shop


When you decorate a room there are many things to consider and hanging wall art is often an afterthought. The last thing on your mind. 

The way you display your artwork have a huge impact on the way the artwork is perceived. This article is a meant as a list of different ways you can decorate with art in your home.


So here goes..


1. On the wall

This is the good old-fashioned way to hang art in your home. If it’s done right it can transform the whole room. Having a piece of art hanging by itself creates a more minimalistic feel than grouping different works of art together. It's about finding out what look you're after.


2. On a background

A little spin on the traditional way to hang art is to do something with the background. It could either be by adding an elegant colour, a pattern you like, fabric, or using wallpaper to make a statement. The most important thing here is to choose a background that complement the artwork - not one that work against it.



Ellipse, Beige and Copper, art print by Kristina Krogh available at NABO shop

Art prints by Kristina Krogh available in the shop



3. Double row art shelves

Using art shelves is an easy way to arrange different pieces of wall art. One of the benefits of hanging art this way is that it is super flexible and easy to re-arrange if you change your mind. You can make it fresh to look at very quickly by moving things around or adding something new to the shelves. It's also a good way if you're renting your home because you avoid too many holes in the walls. 

Don’t be afraid to add many pieces, little things and different sized artworks to the shelves as it’s all part of making it personal. One tip is to find shelves that doesn’t take too much focus from the things you're putting on the shelves. A slim shelf will add some balance to a busy wall.


4. Clips

Using a clip is a super cheap way to decorate with art and it is also very flexible. In the same way as the art shelves it allows you to quickly change the artworks on your wall, but one of the benefits of using clips is that you can easily move it somewhere else without having to think about much else.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using clips if it’s an artwork you really love as it could be easily damaged if you don't protect the artwork with a frame. If you don't worry too much about the artwork, using clips creates a raw look in a room. Give it a go if you’re willing to take the risk or try it with artworks you care a little less about.  



5. Leaning against a wall

This is a popular way to display wall art if you’re renting your place or if you would like the opportunity to change the layout on a more frequent basis. The frame protects the artwork as opposed to using clips and it gives a cool laid back look. Try stacking it up on a pile of books or on a small side table.



8 Brilliant ways to display art. Art print by Kristina Krogh

Art prints by Kristina Krogh available in the shop


6. Side by side

Hanging art side by side is a modern take on the gallery wall. Whereas gallery walls are known from museums where different sized pictures and frames cover a wall this method is a little more simple. You simply hang a row of pictures that you like with their frames touching each other.

Again, think about the look you're after. By choosing the same type of frame and size you move in a more calm and minimalistic direction whereas if you choose different frames and sizes it make the arrangement look more spontaneous. 


7. Mix objects

Another take on the minimalistic gallery wall is to mix it up with different objects such as mirrors, empty frames and souvenirs. The easiest way to do this is to start creating the wall piece by piece. Place the biggest piece close to or in the center of the wall and work from there.


8. In your bookshelf

This works well with smaller pieces and adds something a little different to your bookshelf. Placing wall art in an unexpected way gives an unpretentious look - something that I like a lot. 


I hope you've found this list helpful. 


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Thanks for stopping by!


x Christina