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8 things to consider when hanging art work. Ceramics The LAND collection by Mette Duedahl available from NABO shop
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Ideas | 8 Things to Consider When Hanging Wall Art

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Ceramics by Mette Duedahl available in the shop


Hanging wall art can be a time consuming process. Even though I’m all for the go with your gut-approach, there are some things that you should keep in mind when you decorate your home.

So here’s a list of 8 thing to consider when hanging artwork.

1. Does it will fit in with the surroundings

The most important thing is to make sure the artwork will fit in well with the other things in the room. I don't mean this in a matchy-matchy way, but it needs to suit your taste and style. What we want is colours and materials that compliment each other rather than working against each other.

2. Consider how you want to display it

There are many ways to display artwork in your home. Some are more permanent and others make room for more flexibility. The traditional way is to hang it on the wall, but you could also use a photo ledge, place it on the floor leaning against the wall or group it together with other artworks. 


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3. Find the perfect spot

Try moving the artwork around in the room to see where it would look the best. When you’ve found the wall you want to display it on try to move it around on the wall as well. Make sure it feels part of the room and not hung randomly (unless that's the look you're after). Is the size and shape of the artwork right for the room?

4. Lighting

This is something I always consider when placing artwork as well as furniture in my home. I give my Danish roots credit for that. Living in a country with very long winters it’s important to light your home properly. Consider if you’ll have to install a light close to your artwork to make the most of it - it's a shame if you cant see it properly. 


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5. This has also to do with light

It’s important considering if the place you choose to display your artwork will make a potential threat to the piece itself. If you display your artwork close to a window it’s often worth investing in a frame with UV glass so the light doesn’t damage the artwork. 

6. What about the bathroom?

Every wall is a potential gallery. We’re often focussing on decorating our living room or bedroom when really every room and nook in your home is a potential gallery. Have you considered hanging a piece of art in your kitchen? On your door? Or in your bathroom?


8 Things to consider when hanging artwork

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7. Speaking of bathrooms - take care of your artwork

If you hang an artwork in your bathroom you’ll need to protect it as humidity is art’s worst enemy. My best advice is to speak to a professional picture framer who can frame your artwork to suit the room you want to hang it in.


8. Decide on your own set of rules

Decide whether you want to follow the same “rules” in terms of hanging height etc throughout your home or if you want it to be more “free” and have a gut feeling-approach.

Remember it’s all the little details that make a home homely so don’t be afraid to follow your own set of rules. Especially when it comes to decorating.

Do you have certain rules you follow when hanging artworks or decoration a room? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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