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Office: Hackney, London

Office: Hackney, London

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

NOTEM studio stationary, simple design, oak table, pink notebook and weekly planner

Introducing | NOTEM Studio - Make Your Everyday Life Easier


Time management sounds a little dull, doesn't it?  

However, it's something that we all struggle with from time to time. Whether it's keeping track of work tasks, your thoughts, or all the family activities NOTEM Studio, a Copenhagen based stationary brand, got you covered. 


I'm so happy to annonce that NOTEM Studio is now available at NABO shop. A work planner, a daily planner, notebooks in different colours and notepads have been added to the NABO shop collection and (even though I'm quite digital) I can't get my hands down.


It's all here to make your daily life easier - and prettier. 


NOTEM studio available at NABO shop. Beautiful crafted stationary from Copenhagen



NOTEM studio is all you ever wanted from stationary: the design is simple, the layout of each item is as straightforward and useful as can be and the colour palette is dreamy.  


It's also reflected in the way NOTEM Studio describes themselves: Rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition of space and light, our products are simple, aesthetic and easy to use.


When I heard about the launch of NOTEM Studio I instantly knew it would be a great fit for NABO shop - and for all of you, who like Scandinavian simplicity.


"We are inspired by human nature, by the way we keep track of things,
by our sense of time and our memory. It is our mission to make paper add
new value to your daily habits and your everyday tasks", NOTEM Studio 


NOTEM studio now available at NABO shop. Beautifully crafted stationary Copenhagen


5 Things That Make Time Management Easier


We all struggle with time management sometimes. In our modern everyday life there's so many tasks that it can feel overwhelming to even get started. Here's a couple of tips to make it all easier. 


- 1st tip is to write your tasks down as soon as possible. A very simple but very effective tip that gives you a better overview - and you can stop worrying about forgetting things at the same time.


- 2nd tip is to take a quick look at your list and start prioritising your tasks. Complete the most important tasks first and work your way through your list. 



NOTEM studio now available at NABO shop. Beautifully crafted stationary Copenhagen


- 3rd tip on the list is to limit the amount of tasks by learning to say no. Know what is your responsibility and what is not. This tip could possibly cut down your to do-list in half. 


- 4th tip is about sleep. You have to prioritise your sleep to get better days. Yes, it's that important!


- 5th tip is about surrounding yourself with things that make your tasks more enjoyable; whether it's a faster computer, a nice pen or a beautiful planner


NOTEM studio now available at NABO shop. Beautifully crafted stationary Copenhagen


If you like what you see you can see the full product range at NABO shop here.

If you're interested in knowing more about Scandinavian design you can read the blog post 6 Scandinavian Artists You Need to Know or the 24 hours in Copenhagen-guide, a guide for those interested in interiors and design. 

How to do you keep track of all your everyday tasks - are you a pen to paper-kind of person or are you digital? Let me know in the comments below. 


Thanks so much for stopping by, 
x Christina


Image credit: NOTEM studio, thanks for letting NABO shop use your beautiful photos.