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Office: Hackney, London

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Introducing | The Organic Company - The Textile Maker That Truly Cares

Introducing | The Organic Company - The Textile Maker That Truly Cares


Medium Waffle Towel by The Organic Company available at NABOshop 


People who run in-the-know have probably heard about them before and we get what the hype is all about: Sustainability is in this brand's DNA and it's embedded in everything they do. Everything. That added a simple Scandinavian aesthetic and a subtle colour palette make it hard to look away. 

Gone are the days where all we had to choose from was neon-coloured and plastic-filled kitchen cloths that would probably end its day after first wash; now we crave something better, something more sustainable. And thanks to The Organic Company we now have a choice.



 Bath Mat by The Organic Company available at NABOshop


The Organic Company is a Danish textile company founded by Joy Vasiljev in 2007. Joy Vasiljev founded The Organic Company on a wish to create better, more earth-friendly and sustainable home textiles than what were already on the market.

Joy wanted the line to be meaningful and tasteful so she set out a journey of producing simple and beautiful textiles from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton.


You can view all products by The Organic Company here 



Waffle Towel and Blanket available at NABOshop


Joy didn't wanted to make textiles, knowing that somebody way back in the supply chain makes nothing and don't have money for food, a roof over his head or money to send their kids to school. No, she wanted to do it differently. 

From the base in Copenhagen, Denmark, a mission grew into shape: a textile company that makes a difference not only for the environment but also for the workers they employ. And that's why the GOTS certificate matters not only to Joy and her team, but also why it matters to you.



Care Bag by The Organic Company available at NABOshop


Products certified with the international organic standard Global Organic Textile Standard focuses on 2 major areas; environment and social responsibility, and is a guarantee that all fabrics are free from toxins and heavy metals, and that international workers' rights are respected.

The collection is now part of NABOshop because we believe in the same things. When a vision is done so elegantly it's hard to get our hands down. On NABOshop you'll find a selection of The Organic Company's best textiles for the home including bath mats, kitchen towels, towels of different sizes, bags and blankets.



Tea Towel by The Organic Company available at NABOshop  


NABOshop is very considered about what products we're adding to the shop's collection. We want to promote Scandinavian brands that do things differently, who want to make the world a better place via design.



 Flat Bag by The Organic Company available at NABOshop


When you buy Organic Company textiles from NABOshop you can be sure that you invest in something that you can and will keep for years. Only question to ask yourself is whether you're ready to start investing in meaningful and simple textiles - to create a considered home. 


You can view all products from The Organic Company here