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Art print by Berit Mogensen Lopez. Why art should be your starting point when you decorate
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Opinion | Why Wall Art Should Be Your Starting Point

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In my younger days I used to deal with wall art as an afterthought. Something I thought of after the coat of paint had dried, the furniture were in place and after rugs, pillows and throws were nicely arranged. But the truth is, that it can be difficult to find something that truly tugs at your heart if you have to follow certain restrictions to make sure it will fit in well. 

I started to look at the decorating process differently. Instead of finding wall art that fit in with my furniture I now use artworks as my starting point. I've found out, that it makes it a lot easier to find something I won't get tired of immediately and it somehow also makes my home feel more homely, and more me.
Here's why. 


Sand Balance art print by Kristina Krogh available at NABO shop


Wall art adds personality to your home

If you choose with your heart adding art to your home is the same as adding personality. Creating a gallery wall with your favourite artworks, things and mirrors is almost guaranteed to be unique to your home and something that you won’t come across in another home. Okay, other homes may have a gallery wall but it won't look the same as yours. Art will instantly make your home feel homely and it will also make it appear finished.   



Water Colour by Nynne Rosenvinge available at NABO shop


Art creates a focal point

Did you know that one of the basic principles of interior design is that a room should always have a focal point? You've probably guessed what comes next - yup, art makes a great focal point. Let it be something that instantly draw everybody’s eyes towards it and make it reflect the feeling you want people to feel when entering the room. Try creating a focal point with different types of media that you like e.g. posters, art prints and photographs.


Art adds colour to your home

Art is a great way to add colour to a room. Whether it’s a splash of colour or a dominant colour it gives you a foundation to work from. Having art as the starting point can make it easier to choose other accessories like pillows, rugs and throws. But art can also be an excellent way to break free from the colours you normally go for, so don’t loose yourself in trying to find something that matches 100%.

 The Path art photography by Pale Grain available at NABO shop

The Path art photography by Pale Grain available at NABO shop


...and calmness

You can use artwork to create different moods in your home. Whether it is creating a feeling of calmness or bringing in a bit of nature you can do it through art. In Scandinavia it is common to use art as a way to drag nature into your home, because so many hours are spent inside. 


Art can cheer you up

Art can cheer you up or it can tear you apart, but when choosing art for your home you should go for something that cheer you up. It’s either done by choosing a motif that makes you smile or by choosing colours that are happy. Yes, a colour can convey an emotion.


Fit in by Berit Mogensen Lopez Scandinavian art print minimalistic and simple available at NABOshop

Fit In art print by Berit Mogensen Lopez available at NABO shop




Art can be a powerful tool when decorating a room. It can underline who you are and it can create a certain mood or give a room a specific style.

Even if you don't consider yourself arty, there are still reasons why adding art to your home is a good idea. This article was meant to give you inspiration and courage to think art into your decorating process, and I hope it has giving you some ideas an how to get a happier and more personal home.


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x Christina