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The Journal | A New Direction - What to Expect from NABO in 2019

The Journal | A New Direction - What to Expect from NABO in 2019


After nearly 2 years in business I felt it was time to sit down and really think about what I want for NABO in the future, what is meaningful and bring value, not only for me as the business owner, but also for the people who engage with NABO along the journey.

In 2019, NABO will take a new direction and I'm going to tell you all about it here.

I like to compare creating your own business with getting a new friend; little by little you get to know each other better and better. You find out where you are very much alike and where you're not, what you enjoy most about each other as well as all the little things that annoys you but is part of the 'package'. It's been very much like that for me starting NABO.

Having no particular experience in online retail and only getting by with a passion to connect people with good design, it has all been a learning-by-doing process which has brought me very much joy but also plenty of headaches; I've been torn between doing what my heart tells me to (yes, I know it sounds icky, but it doesn't make it less true) and what other online stores do to earn a profit.  

It's not my dream to create an e-commerce empire that depends on having the biggest product catalogue, the best sales and the best marketing strategies. Don't get me wrong, I admire those that do it well, but that's not where my passion is. No, I want to do something different; I want to bring value, create a meaningful business and shop that's aligned with my beliefs (buy less but better) and actually be a resource for the people I help.


"I care about supporting independent designers, that we have a connection to the things we surround ourselves with, and I care about sustainability. I want that to be reflected in everything I do"  


I care about supporting independent designers, that we have a connection to the things we surround ourselves with, and I care about sustainability. I want that to be reflected in everything I do.

Therefore it only feels natural to branch out and start off offering services that compliment my view on interior and design as well as adjusting the shop to have a closer alignment with my beliefs.


Christina Thaisen NABO online interior shop


The transition and what it means

The shop

Scaling down on product categories to continue to offer the very best. In order to continue to offer the very best in each category I've decided to scale down. I have struggled with whether NABO should be a lifestyle shop, selling a big range of products - a shop that had a little something for everyone, but I've decided to niche down and focus on a more curated and unique selection of lighting, ceramics, artwork that you don't find everywhere. This is also where my own heart is, and that makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Minimise use of drop shipping. Over the years I've had the pleasure to partner with many great brands to offer products via drop shipping. Drop shipping means that when someone order a specific product on NABO, I would send the request to the brand and they would send it out to the customer.

It has given me the possibility to work with some lovely brands - people who put their heart in what they do - and it has given me the possibility to stock even more great quality products, but I felt that I was missed the whole reason why I opened a shop: to create a personal shopping experience. I still use drop shipping where it makes sense to do so e.g. on lighting, but I've scaled back on smaller items.

I want to create a cohesive and personal experience for the people that shop at NABO, therefore I write a personal note to each and every one of the orders I send out, I care about the packaging and I follow the parcel's journey all the way to the customer. Minimising the use of drop shipping means that I have full ownership over the experience of shopping with NABO.

You can visit the shop here.  



I'm evolving the services NABO provide. When NABO opened I sourced a lot of original Danish vintage furniture as part of the shop and they were very popular and sold out quickly. People started to ask me for advice on finding vintage furniture and interior design in general and I found that I really enjoyed to work from a conversational approach; to work out exactly what people are looking for and need, and to help them create inspiring and functional spaces. I'm now taking the leap to fully and openly offer Furniture Sourcing, Interior Design and Creative content services as part of NABO.


"I really enjoy to work from a conversational approach; to work out exactly what people are looking for and need, and to help them create beautiful and functional spaces"


Furniture Sourcing

With a great respect for design history I specialise in sourcing Danish Mid-Century Modern furniture and new Scandinavian design pieces. Whether you’re looking for furniture crafted by well-known designers like Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen or Finn Juhl or furniture by unknown or up-and-coming designers, authenticity and quality is at the heart of everything I source.

You can read more about the Furniture Sourcing Service here.


Interior Design

Interior design is about finding out what is right for the space and the people within it. That’s why I work from a conversation led approach to create spaces that are both inspirational, functional and relaxed.

Influenced by the Scandinavian design tradition, I like to focus on quality, simplicity, function and sustainability meaning that a space should be designed to be lived in and that the pieces you surround yourself with should stand the test of time.

You can read more about the Interior Design Service here.


Creative Content

Through my written word, styling and photography I capture stories with authenticity and meaning, and I’m passionate about bringing brands’ stories to life.

Projects range from features and full articles, through product photography and styled shots in my own home, to photography for brand websites and social media channels.

You can read more about Creative Content Service here.


Finally I want to make it more personal. That's why I've put an end to hiding behind the NABO brand and actually put a face to all this. So, here I am, Christina Thaisen, a Danish Londoner and the founder of NABO. You can say hi on NABO's instagram where I share business related content such as when I add new products to the shop, inspiration and projects I'm working on.

You're also welcome to sign up to the newsletter to stay on top of what's going on behind the scene, when there are new products available in the shop and interesting new reads on The Journal.

So, to sum up. This is what NABO is all about

  • A shop that offers the very best in lighting, ceramics, art and textiles.
  • An interior design service that help people create inspiring and functional spaces.
  • A furniture consultancy and sourcing service that helps people find good quality original furniture that stand the test of time.
  • The Journal where you'll find in-depth interviews with designers, artists and makers, home tours, travel guides, interior inspiration and tips, and everything that could interest a design conscious individual.

So, that's what you can expect from NABO in the future. I hope you like the new direction. If you have any thoughts, questions or want to talk to me about any of the services I offer you're more than welcome to drop me an email on or say hi in the comments below.


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