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Office: Hackney, London

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Karin Blach Nielsen

Moon Jar Vase | One of a kind


Moon Jar vase by Karin Blach Nielsen

Beautiful one of a kind 'Moon Jar' shaped vase in black stoneware clay by Danish artist Karin Blach Nielsen. The vase is decorated with thick feldspar glaze - a common type of mineral found especially in igneous rocks such as granite.

The colours of Karin's ceramics are soft and organic. Pale greens, blues, greys and reds are just some of the different shades Karin creates in her glazes. The luminous sheen of the glazed surface provides her pots with a pleasing tactility and gentleness. Whether used for a practical purpose or as part of an interior, Karin’s ceramics are delicate reminders that quality, use and the beautiful can rest side by side giving enduring value.

Please note this product should be used with care. 


Colour: Grey and white

Materials: black clay and thick feldspar glaze

Measurements: 19.5 cm x ø 16 cm

Weight: 1206 g



More about Karin Blach Nielsen:

Karin studied ceramics at the Design School in Kolding, Denmark, and refined her skills at the Royal College of Art in London. She now lives and works in Copenhagen since 2000.

In Karin’s work the quality of the material shines through in her hand-thrown pots. Whether a bowl or a cylinder, the visual pleasure in handling a fine thrown ceramic is central to her work. The malleable nature of stoneware clay and the glazes that envelop it will give the user an intimate relationship with the object that leaves a lasting impression. Karin’s ceramics embody the unique relationship between the ceramic body and its surface.

Karin is attracted to an aesthetics in which colour shades, tactility and contrast play a central role. Colour choices are the starting point for her selection of glaze types and how these are layered onto the object. Developing new colour scales is always fascinating and stimulating as colours tend to create an ambiance, a feeling or evoke a memory – elements that enhance the poetics of an object.

For Karin, ceramics is the basis for colour expression in the glazes, where the totality of the object and its glazed surface is affected by light to create an experiential expression.