STORE NOW CLOSED. It has been a fantastic journey - thank you for your support. STORE NOW CLOSED. It has been a fantastic journey - thank you for your support.
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Office: Hackney, London

Office: Hackney, London

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Interior Design

In our modern lives we need our space to be functional, flexible and calming. A good home is one that provides what you need emotionally and supports the you you are.
A home is a place where space, light and materials are coexisting and calming. It is where you want to wake up every morning, somewhere you want to come home to, it is where you want to be on a rainy day and where you want to celebrate and entertain.

How we work
Our approach to decorating is simple and honest. We work with natural materials that age nicely (they often get better with time), colours that speak to you rather than fleeting trends, and designs that are build to last - for generations. We are equally inspired by the old and the new and believe the most harmonious spaces combine the two.

We design spaces for living where things are meant to be used; we believe a home should reflect the people who live there and work around their everyday life. 

We work with a conversational led approach so we can help make room for what’s important to you.

The Inspiration Seeker

For those seeking inspiration or a second opinion. This is also for you if you have a room in your house that you like but you need help to tie it all together for a coherent, personal feel.

Priced at £250 

What's included:
A consultation via phone covering needs and budget for the space.
A dedicated document with ideas and inspiration based on our initial conversation. The document also includes our own recommendations based on a specific challenge you're facing. Each project is different so our approach reflects that.

Click here to view an example of ideas and inspiration for a xxx

The Inspiration Seeker

For those who need to create a space for living that is functional and calming. This is a full-room design for those seeking inspiration, input and guidance.

What's included:
An intro call to talk through your needs, wishes and the budget for the project.
An in-depth document with bespoke scheme for the space. The document will include a mood board, floor plan and a product list with recommended products for the space covering paint, furniture, lighting and textiles.
A final call to talk through the project.

We are happy to come with suggestions for art and objects from our network of independent artists and designers. Please note this is an add on and the price is depending on scope of the project.

We are also happy to source Mid-Century furniture from our native Denmark as part of a full concept design. Please get in touch to find out more.

Prices start at £500 depending on project.

Click here to view an example of a mood board for a young couple's studio flat in xxx

Get in touch

In doubt what package is right for you? No matter the size of your project we are here to help. Get in touch at with a description of your project and let's talk.